Announcement according to L. 3556/2007

According to Law 3556/2007, the circular of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission no. 33/03.07.2007 (par. 2.2) and the regulations of the Athens Stock Exchange, Athens Medical Center SA (hereby “the Company”), following a written announcement received on 15.01.2016 by Dr. Bernard Gr. Broermann and the company «ASKLEPIOS KLINIKEN GmbH», which is a legal entity fully controlled by Dr. Bernard Gr. Broermann (hereby together with Dr. Bernard Gr. Broermann the “Announcing parties”) as Parent Company of «ASKLEPIOS INTERNATIONAL GmbH», is informing the investor community that, the percentage of shareholding directly owned by «ASKLEPIOS INTERNATIONAL GmbH» is now 36,3522% (approximately), with a total amount of  31.530.423 shares.